As a Coffee Shop owner people always like to know how we got started in the coffee business.

Back in 1994 my wife and business partner,  Sarah and I had been living in Houston and working for a few years in our chosen fields. We  had been inspired by seeing the development of Craft Brewing and local Coffee shops/roasters around the country.  I had picked up Home Brewing Beer as a hobby and had enjoyed making and  sharing many batches of the beer I was brewing.  A natural extension for me at the time was into coffee.  Coffeehouses and breweries were popping up around the country, and we wanted to find a way to be apart of that growing awareness. We had a cool neighborhood coffee house, a few small roasters I had found, in and around the city but , not a lot of information  had been shared on how to be successful in the coffee business.

About the time of our daughters first birthday and after visiting  and talking to every shop , roaster, brewer we could find , we had a good idea what we wanted to offer as a company. Personaly we wanted to live in a town that provided a great place for our family and business to grow so, we moved back to a community that we had grown to love and enjoy, Sarah’s home town of Nacogdoches, Texas.  We decided to try and develop our  dream of sharing and enjoying the experiences of a community coffee bar,  with the quality and freshness only locally roasted small batch coffees can provide.

Prior to getting the shop established in Nacogdoches, we spent about two years researching the coffee business attending trade shows , cupping and roasting classes, working for other coffee shops and with a local roaster we had developed a friendship with in Houston . We spent a lot of time studying and training on brewing and roasting techniques.  Patiently preparing for the opportunity to turn our passion into a viable, customer focused business.

Our love of great coffees and the dream of building a coffeehouse took a while to fully develop but finally in the fall of 1996 we realized our vision.  Offering quality espresso drinks to our East Texas customers. As our dream grew bolder, in 1998 we acquired a Ir-24 Diedrich Coffee Roaster and were able to begin hand-roasting small batches of coffee beans from around the world each day – making Java Jack’s known throughout the region as the “Fresh Roast of Texas”.

So after 15 years of small batch roasting at Java Jack’s Coffee House we enjoy utilizing all of our senses to bring the roast development of each coffee to its unique “sweet spot” and perfect balance. You will immediately notice the lasting taste, aroma and fragrance of our unique quality coffee selection

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