Wholesale Coffee

So, if you would like to have a great wholesale coffee roaster that personally roasts for your coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel  please contact owner/roaster Brent Patton at bpatton@javajacks.com or at (936) 560-3975.

We enjoy offering to our wholesale customers nothing but the freshest coffees roasted to order, custom roast blends with insight into brewing and barista skills that are needed for your success. We roast our coffees daily to order in small batches – typically 15-20 pounds each batch – to ensure the highest quality, freshness and flavor in our coffees. We would love to work with you to develop a signature roast that will set your business apart.

Here is one of the reasons our customers enjoy our coffees so much!

This is our Diedrich IR-24  coffee roaster; with it’s iconic brass face and locomotive styling it sports a well seasoned drum that only comes from years of roasting, it is the real workhorse of our operation. I bought this roaster in 1998 from a regional bank that had reposed it from the previous owners. Needless to say a few years later a few mods and small repairs;  this wonderful piece of equipment has held up beautifully is what we use to handcraft each and every roast.  In our minds, an attention to detail during green sourcing,  and the roasting process plus our years of  cupping experience allows us to produces some of the best coffee in Texas.


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