Red Dirt Blend



wonderfully earthy

  • Aroma:  Spicy, Dark Chocolate
  • Taste:  Rich and Full
  • Body:  Deep and Bold
  • Finish:  Smokey
  • Roast:  Dark
  • Blend:  Sumatra, Java Estate & Indian Mallabar

If you like your coffee black and able to stand up to anything you throw at it, this is the blend for you.

We wanted to produce a hearty deep roasted blend of coffee that would satisfy any dark roast lovers palette. After roasting a few trial batches we noticed a slight reddish Brown colored tint to the Roast.   We Blended some of the heaviest bodied Indonesian coffees like the all time traditional Sumatra Mandheling , Java Estate and maybe the Sulawesi with just the right amount of aged Indian Malabar to produce a dark roasted blend for that heart deep bodied taste with a rich flavor that’s hard to beat.

The 16 oz. ships in our standard black bag.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 6 in

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