El Salvador San Emilio



rich and sweet

Aroma Almonds, with Toffee sweetness
Taste Caramel, and Ripe Fruits
Body Medium Body
Finish Clean with a slight orange acidity
Roast Medium
Cultivar Bourbon/ Pulped Natural

A farm-specific coffee that we can all know and love. Grown just north of San Salvador, this coffee farm pulps its own sweet, sweet beans to provide a thick, syrupy goodness in every sweet gulp.  Rich with a light acidity, San Emilio doesn’t fail to bring us consistency in a cup. Did we  mention it was sweet?

A pulped natural coffee exhibits the the clean nature of the wet process combined with the sweet, ripe and full bodied characteristics of dry natural process.

Very clean, balanced, sugar sweetness, soft orange acid, medium body, nuts, caramel, ripe fruits.

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Weight 1 lbs
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