Customers always ask us which coffee is the best and as coffee roasters we  understand that your personal taste accounts for everything. Your taste and the brewing method should be the primary factors in choosing a favorite coffee you can enjoy over and over. Some like their morning coffee bright, light bodied, and mellow tasting, other prefer a dark roasted coffee with rich caramel tones and a heavy body.

How coffee beans are roasted can have a huge impact on the taste of the coffee in the final cup. There is no perfect roast but we have found that different beans can greatly benefit from slightly different roasting techniques and degrees of roast from light to dark. We enjoy the art of roasting specialty coffees and the never ending quest for the perfect cup.

So here are a few generalizations, The Latin American Coffees such as Colombia , Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,and Mexico are distinguished by their light to medium body, citrus like acidity and a clean crisp finish. African coffees like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Burundi are very distinctive and are characterized by dry, winy acidity, chocolate and fruit undertones, with an intense aroma. Indonesian Coffees which are Java, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea. Originally cultivated by the dutch they are often prized for there richness, full body, lingering finish, earthiness, and low acidity.

On the roasting side the lighter roasts are often produce a sharp and acidic taste.  A  medium roast, will generally  bring out the more subtle flavors in coffee and is our choice of roast on many of our coffees. Darker Roast such as our French Roast, Red Dirt Blend , and Lumberjack Blend tend to have a much fuller,and deeper caramelized flavor with a smoky finish.

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